Presentation and location

The MIDAC, International Dynamic Museum of Contemporary Art, is a project of Terra dell’Arte, international cultural association.
The Museum is situated in the former Church of San Sebastiano, in Belforte del Chienti in the Macerata Province, in Italy.

MIDAC San Sebastiano
The project was possible thanks to the sensibility of the Municipality of Belforte del Chienti that has granted the space believing in the initiative, sure to make one appreciate thing to all the citizens and all the lovers of the art of every origin.
The last years job of Terra dell’Arte, with the development of its international project (arslatina, aradbiennale, ventipertrenta, etc.), has allowed the creation of one collection of Contemporary Art of absolute value.
In the Musem are presents all kinds of expression (painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, video-art, etc) and the artworks have been realized by Artists of all the World.
Curators and Artistic Directors of the Museum are Alfonso Caputo and Laura Castanedo, President and Vice-President of Terra dell’Arte, supported from an International Committee of Artistic Quality.

The former Church of San Sebastian
Outside the town, just meters from the walls, stands the church of S. Sebastian, restored and enlarged over the centuries, built by the Community to obtain protection against the plague, with permission granted by the vicar bishop of Camerino in 1479.
Despite being a place of worship was also a transit and stop for pilgrims traveling on foot to the shrine of Loreto.
The building, originally rectangular in shape, was extended in the late sixteenth century, with the addition of another building, present at his side, assuming a square shape.
The portal of San Sebastian is a wonderful example of a portal in clay, floral Gothic of the fifteenth century. On the right side of the church there is another portal of entry, framed by sandstone decorated in Renaissance style of the sixteenth century.
Despite not having a bell tower was equipped with a bell of 1535, currently held at City Hall, which was placed in a small iron structure, located on the roof of the Church, which still exists. The church inside is divided into two aisles by three arches to all sixth, resting on four columns.
A document from 1608, tells us that the church had two altars, one for each aisle, with a niche. Below the floor was the ossuary, now visible through glass windows have replaced the ancient stones of closure. With the recent renovation, which dates back some thirty years ago, the remains were transferred to the Municipal Cemetery.
The left altar was dedicated to St. Sebastian and the wooden statue of the saint, who had adorned it, is now preserved in the cathedral.
The right altar was dedicated to San Roque which was destroyed over the centuries.
Along the walls, near the altar, still existing, dedicated to St. Sebastian, are clearly visible frescoes, votive origin, XV – XVI centuries. Above the niche you can see the “Crucifixion with the Virgin and St. John the Baptist”, commissioned by the Confraternity of San Sebastian in 1482. There is also perfectly identifiable figures of various saints like San Sebastian, San Roque and San Antonio Abate.
San Sebastian, a Roman soldier and martyr, was always invoked especially as a protector against epidemics and plagues.
Since 1920, the old church of San Sebastian is surrounded by trees, which have almost a hundred years, planted in memory of the citizens of Belforte, who had died in defense of the country in the First World War.
The building, now desecrated, since 2007 hosts the Midac, Dynamic International Museum of Contemporary Art, founded and curated by Terra dell’Arte, which preserves and exhibits an extensive collection of contemporary art and has an intense program of exhibitions and cultural events.

visit the MIDAC Museum website

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