Palazzo Bonfranceschi – Italy

Terra dell’Arte, an international independent non-profit organization, in Belforte del Chienti, in the province of Macerata, Italy, five years after the opening of the MIDACMuseum enhances its artistic and cultural proposal through its new Artistic Residencies Project.
This is possible thanks to an agreement between Terra dell’Arte and TDA UNIVERSAL s.a.s., who has the administration of Palazzo Bonfranceschi, historical residence in the heart of the medieval village of Belforte del Chienti.
The objective of these residencies is to create the conditions for which each participant can be able to live a unique experience in terms of professionalism and cultural and human growth.

This objective is realized through:

  1. the full immersion in a historical and cultural context of strong emotional impact as Bonfranceschi Palace, which allows to work with great concentration;
  2. the sharing of experience and work with other artists and with a staff of curators and critics;
  3. the deepening of the knowledge of an artistic heritage, as the Italian of the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth century that has marked the history of world art, through guided tours;
  4. the deepening of the knowledge of some of the most significant examples of contemporary art that are present in the MIDAC, Dynamic International Museum of Contemporary Art, housed in the former church of San Sebastiano, fifteenth century, one hundred meters from Palazzo Bonfranceschi;
  5. the deepening of the concept of multidisciplinary meetings with experts from different fields of art;
  6. the creation of an art project, shared with other participants at the residence, with a final result to be proposed to the public.

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