ventipertrenta2019 – opening photos


ventipertrenta2019 – opening

Terra dell’Arte and the MIDAC remind to all their friends that today, October 5th at 7:00 pm, at Palazzo Bonfranceschi, via Cavour, 14, historical center of Belforte del Chienti, will be held the opening of ventipertrenta2019.

We await many of you like always.

ventipertrenta2019 – press release

The artistic season of this 2019 of the MIDAC Museum in Belforte del Chienti, continues with the eighth event of the year: ventipertrenta2019, international festival of digital art, now in its fifteenth edition, curated by Terra dell’Arte and with the patronage of the Municipal Administration of Belforte del Chienti, which will take place, also this year, at Palazzo Bonfranceschi, Via Cavour, 14 – historic center of Belforte del Chienti, from October 5th to October 27th, 2019.

Participating artists
Daniel C. Boyer (U.S.A.), Donatella Sarchini (Italy), Emanuele Gentile (Italy), Werner Klompen (Netherlands), Andrea Lopez (Mexico), Oscar Garriga (Catalonia), Hugo Cuñado (Argentina), Lisa Graham (U.S.A.), Maristella Angeli (Italy), Andrés Gil Miguel (Spain), Sandro Orlandi (Italy), Rosemary Golcher (Costa Rica), Trillizos Torres Pacheco (Mexico), Francesco Lasalandra (Italy), Michela Lasalandra (Italy), Giancarla Lorenzini (Italy) ed Heleen van Tilburg (Netherlands).

Opening Saturday, October 5th at 7:00 p.m.
Palazzo Bonfranceschi, via Cavour, 14
historical center of Belforte del Chienti

Nor by pride nor by vanity

“Nor by pride nor by vanity” (between the ancient source and the Sibyl). Sunday, September 29th from 17: secrets, tales and legends between past, present and future. From an idea by Alessandro Campetella with Irene Rapanelli, Marco Antonio Antognini and Paolo Bianconi. Moving from the former Church of San Sebastian to the Fonte Grande of Via Colli in Belforte del Chienti.

International Cultural Association