The Arad International Biennale of Contemporary Arts is a far-reaching project that aims to stimulate the development of contemporary plastic arts by creating an environment of dialogue and exchange of ideas among artists from all over the world.

The project of the Biennale was started by a consortium made up of the “Terra dell’Arte” Association (Italy), “Ponte delle Arti s.r.l.”, the Arad County Council, the Arad City Hall, and the “Vasile Goldiº” West University of Arad. The International Director of the Project is Mr Alfonso Caputo, plastic artist, President of the “Terra dell’Arte” Association and member of “Ponte delle Arti s.r.l.”.

The event will have its first edition in May 2005 and is coordinated by an International Artistic Committee.The main responsibilities of the Committee are to promote the project internationally and to select the artists that will take part in the Biennale.

The Biennale sets out to facilitate the meeting of the public both with established artists and with young artists just starting out in their careers in painting, photography or digital art.

The initiators of this project hope that, by rigour and perseverance, the Arad International Biennale of Contemporary Arts will become one of the most important vehicles for the promotion of contemporary arts in Europe.

When in the spring of 2003 I asked some friends to suggest a suitable place for an important cultural project I had in sight, I could not imagine I would make such a good choice. My friends spoke to me then about Romania and about Arad, which they had known before me.
After the first contacts, I could appreciate for myself the numerous advantages of this city: its geographical position, the high qualification of the people I talked to and shared my project with, as well as the willingness of the authorities responsible for culture in Arad to open the city up to its own tradition and to a dialogue with the others.
These are indeed the necessary conditions for the organisation of a Biannual the way I imagine such an event: as a meeting place, a good opportunity for exchanges and dialogue, a space where to recover the shared values of human dignity and peace starting from the most diverse experiences, cultures, languages, and religions.
The first step was that of setting up an effective partnership with the local institutions, and in this respect Dr Marius Lazurca has been highly instrumental.
The second stage was that of involving in the project several artists I know and deeply respect. So the creation of the International Artistic Committee was based on a unique, irreplaceable value: friendship.
I, personally, am convinced that if we can preserve our enthusiasm intact despite difficulties, if Arad can welcome the Event the way it has welcomed me and my friends, if the partner institutions can cooperate efficiently, the Arad Biennalewill soon become a landmark for people who love art and culture all over the world.
This is for me the meaning of this whole enterprise – to build a bridge founded on art and culture that could cross all frontiers. This is the raison d’être not only of this project, but of my whole life.

Alfonso CAPUTO
International project director

(Because of the inability to continue a fruitful collaboration with the local authorities, the project has had only the first edition. The idea of building together and allow the continuation of the project to the local partners did not work. But the ideas never die. ..)

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