Simona Scarpacci at the MIDAC – Alfonso Caputo’s text

“Vibrant intimacy” by Simona Scarpacci

If the principle that the visual arts, at their highest level, are in continuous transformation is valid, under the pressure of the search for valuable artists, this principle can and must also be applied to sculpture.

And it is sculpture, among many others, the favorite artistic form of Simona Scarpacci, multifaceted artist, to express her intense and incessant research.

An artist, in his living, accumulates material to be processed it and stores it in immaterial places, invisible to most, and then make it emerge in moments when the warehouse is too full and life is too intense to keep everything inside.

Simona has the material inside. From always. It is natural for her to use and shape it. She is a sculptor in the deepest sense of the word.

The evolution of forms and the continuous need to experiment have transported her to a dimension in which the distance between the project, the thought, and its realization is very short.

The incubation time is long, slow and tireless, but when the hands ask to the heart and to the mind to leave the field free, the action is powerful and incisive.

Her sculptures are contemporary bas-reliefs. They are vertical shapes that rise up, delicate and strong, upwards.

They are installations made of transparency and substance that merge into a whole that only an artist animated by a sincere spirit of research can generate.

If it is true that research is all more authentic when it starts from the depths of being, then it is possible to affirm that the most hidden part of every human being emerges and takes shape, giving life to sculptures that tell, discreet and sincere, how much of there is more truth in Simona’s life.

It is a vibrant intimacy and full of emotions and feelings, never dull, which come together in a natural way, full of details and magic.

Venus vibrates at her birth. Breath suspended, tightened by a rope that seems to suffocate it.

The heart vibrates represented in a thousand different ways.

All her sculptures vibrate which, as a whole, tell of how, perhaps with fear, but certainly with sincerity, this intimacy shows itself to the world.

The vibration, symptom of life, is opposed to immobility, symptom of absence.

There is no absence and no silence when ones meet Simona Scarpacci’s artworks.

There is life that becomes art in a tale to be discovered.

Alfonso Caputo
Artistic Director of MIDAC Museum
August 2019, Belforte del Chienti

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