Donato Lotito at the MIDAC – Alfonso Caputo’s text

Generating emotions is the desire of every artist.

Thinking, planning, creating art implies a deep emotional research that allows the identification and release of that hidden energy that takes shape under the name of emotion.

The first to be emotioned is certainly the artist, when his action is animated by a sincere and unconditional spirit of giving substance and life to something undefined that dwells in his deepest and most hidden unconscious.

In the case of Donato Lotito this research has gone through many areas and many expressive means with the desire to channel this feeling in the most natural way.

From painting to photography to hybridizations that today, without any doubt, let that his work reveal the intimate satisfaction of the one who have met the medium that allows him to express their being an artist.

“Human emotions” is a long journey, still unfinished, which in recent years has seen him increasingly perfect the attention to detail, the enrichment of the detail.

This title is inspired by the desire to represent the broad spectrum of emotions that a human perceives.

Such is, for better or for worse, the artist. A human among humans. An interpreter of himself and of the world in which he lives.

So much humility is necessary to avoid falling into an excess of arrogance.

In the artworks of Donato Lotito no arrogance transpires, indeed he becomes invisible and silent through. His representation of the environment, the one that serves as a backdrop for his artwork is discreet, with colors that are never too lively.

His representation of humans, which almost always focuses on faces, is very much affected by his photographic background.

Each stage of his journey finds a logical place in his current way of expressing himself.

His digital works do not have the character of forcing, but take on, substantially, the dimension of artistic acts.

The means, the instrument, it remains discreet and unobtrusive, allowing mergers between different levels, very difficult to detect even the most careful and critical eye, such is the degree of delicate overall harmonization of all his artwork.

Curiously awaiting the evolution of this path, in which Donato Lotito’s personal and artistic life are closely intertwined, what that remains to do is to meet his “Human emotions” in order to enter his artistic time, subjective and universal at the same time.

Alfonso Caputo
Artistic Director of MIDAC Museum
July 2019, Belforte del Chienti

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